Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make your custom home building experience with Homeowners Helper as seamless and transparent as possible. We hope these FAQ’s answer your questions, but welcome you to reach out anytime with any additional queries you may have.

We offer various financing options to help make your custom home building process easier.

Project timelines vary depending on the scope of work but are clearly laid out in our contracts.

We handle all permits required for the construction and ensure that the project complies with local building codes.

Absolutely! Our aim is to tailor every aspect of your home to your taste, and that includes material selection.

The initial consultation is a comprehensive discussion where we get to know you and your vision for your custom home. We’ll discuss preliminary designs, potential challenges, and initial cost estimates to give you a complete picture before moving forward.

Unexpected challenges are not uncommon in construction. We tackle these situations with a proactive approach, promptly informing you of the issue, potential solutions, and any cost implications. We won’t proceed until we have your approval on how to move forward.

We understand that ideas evolve. While making changes mid-project could have time and cost implications, we’ll do our best to accommodate any modifications you wish to make. We’ll provide a revised estimate and timeline for you to approve before making those changes.

Yes, we stand by the quality of our work and offer a warranty that covers workmanship and materials. The specific terms will be outlined in your contract.

Preparation can include anything from clearing the area to temporary living arrangements if the project is extensive. We’ll provide a detailed guideline on how to prepare before the project starts.

While we primarily focus on the construction aspect, we do have partnerships with experienced architects and can include architectural services in your custom home building package if needed.

Absolutely, we hold all necessary insurances and licenses required to operate in our service areas. Copies of these documents can be provided upon request.

We are committed to responsible waste management, which includes proper disposal and recycling of construction materials. Our team ensures the construction site remains as clean as possible during the project.

Certainly, no project is too small for us. Whether it’s a single-room addition or a grand multi-level home, we bring the same level of expertise and commitment to every project.

For your convenience, we accept multiple payment methods including checks, bank transfers, and major credit cards. Detailed payment schedules will be outlined in your contract.

At Homeowners Helper, your dream home is not just possible but assured. From our first conversation to the final walk-through, our focus is on turning your vision into reality through a transparent, organized, and efficient process. Take the first step towards building the home of your dreams—get in touch with us today!

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When you place your home in the hands of a construction company, you want exceptional quality, superb customer service, and a relationship built on trust. We bring unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail to every remodeling project or new home build we undertake. That’s the Homeowners Helper difference.

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